Working Feedback presents “New dementia partnership devised to help family carers.”

A new dementia partnership has been announced between Dementia Adventure and health and social care provider Care UK.

The new initiative will run for the next year and see the introduction of a programme of free events organised by Dementia Adventure, aimed at providing support to a number of family carers and people living with dementia.

Neil Mapes, director of Dementia Adventure, said: “With dementia affecting 820,000 people in the UK and a startling 25 million people having a close friend or family member living with the condition, there is a real and pressing need to provide easy access to professional support and information, and to ensure there are places people can go where they can share individual experiences.

“We are therefore thrilled to be working with Care UK to host an extensive programme of free events at its care homes. We are looking forward to giving family carers a far more positive understanding of dementia, as well as ‘living well’ tips, resources and models to aid interaction and communication with loved ones – to see the person and not the condition.”

Care UK and Dementia Adventure organised a pilot of ten free advice sessions at a number of UK based care homes. The sessions received positive feedback from over 300 people and there are plans to introduce more sessions across the country.

Care UK provides health and social care services throughout the UK, including care homes and home care services.

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