Working Feedback presents “Why real-time feedback really matters.”

A pioneering piece of work

It may seem surprising, but this is a pioneering piece of work. In the past, the NHS and other organisations have been worried that asking terminally ill people about their care might be inappropriate, and might cause offence. In fact, people were very happy to be asked their views.

The project focused on getting feedback from patients with different chronic health conditions, including dementia, as well as the frail elderly. We sought feedback in four different care settings: hospitals, care homes, hospices and patients’ own homes.

At Marie Curie we believe that getting feedback from patients and families is a vital part of meeting their needs.

Marie Curie has just completed a pilot research project in Lincolnshire which enabled people in their last year of life to give immediate feedback about their care.

Attract, Win & Keep Customers Through Feedback – Feedback Methods That Engage With Your Customers Regularly.

Working Feedback makes getting feedback from your customers straightforward
either online or by post. If you communicate by email, we’ve developed an email feedback request service that you’re in control of 24/7.


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