Working Feedback presents – Homes show residents they care with online feedback system.

At the care homes business I lead, Four Seasons Health Care, we have been pioneering the use of technology to collect feedback that enables us to understand our residents’ day-to-day care experience.

I am encouraged that we have been recording satisfaction ratings averaging around 94% and we will work to push this higher, helped by the feedback.

We are equipping all 350 of our homes with iPads that are programmed with a satisfaction questionnaire and with space for additional comments. They are easy to use and giving feedback takes just a couple of minutes. The iPads are linked to bespoke software systems, which means at any time residents, their families, our staff and visiting professionals can tell us what they think about any aspect of our care and services. Their comments are transmitted in real time to the home manager and regional manager, who can immediately deal with any care issues or consider suggestions for improvements.

Article here


turning_your_feedback_into_resultsWorking Feedback makes getting feedback from your customers straightforward either online or by post. If you communicate by email, we’ve developed an email feedback request service for Care Homes that you’re in control of 24/7

Call 0800 043 2100 for more details


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